Easiest Way to Prove Your Servers Are Secure

Movithere Reporter

1 Prove it. IT professionals know their environment is safe, but can they prove it when their bosses, auditors or CIOs demand documentation to boost confidence of suspicious auditors and nervous CIOs?

2Boost Windows security initiatives. Find security weaknesses, and locate over-privileged files, folders, shares and accounts quickly on multiple servers. Maintain and report access controls on a regular basis.

3Agent-less, fast, comprehensive discovery and reporting solution for analyzing NTFS folder security, share permissions and tracking changes over time to report NTFS and share security configurations of Windows servers

MovITHere Report

File - Folder - Share Security Reports

Where is it Used

Security Reports - 94%
Security Changes - 88%
Audit Reports - 50%
Group Analysis - 79%
Access Control - 67%
Change Control - 90%

How to Get It

Movithere trial software is fully functional. The trial software is not limited by features nor date. You will be able to launch the TRIAL version up to 5 times.

Purchase an unrestricted site license or an unrestricted bundled package license online using credit card or Paypal.

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How we Do It

Movithere supports Reports from Windows Server 2000 to 2012R2 member servers or domain controllers either 32 or 64 bit and supports Windows Vista to Windows 10 as console computers.
Yes. Movithere - Report does not require agents or services to be installed on either servers or console computers.
Yes. With the ability to configure reports to report only what you need to know Movithere - Report significantly reduces the time required for real-time security reporting.
Movithere Report is now Licensed 2 different ways, a standalone version with an Unlimited server site license or our bundled packaged with 4 Movithere Solutions.

Historical Security Comparison Reports

Reduce Overhead and Complexity

When a division manager in a large financial institute needed to report data security for his division without access to the core servers, Movithere Reporter allowed him to report both directory and share permissions in a presentable format and track what security settings have changed since his last report.

Not only can you report server security permissions, but with the Movithere Reporter functionality you can select one or more users or groups and discover where those accounts have direct access to multiple servers in one report.

Movithere Reporter's reporting process simplifies and shortens server security reporting projects, providing the fastest security settings collection and reporting performance available on the market. In addition, Movithere Reporter provides IT administrators with a granular level of control by reporting only what they need to know from multiple servers in multiple domains.

No Excuses

Now you have no excuse to prove that your server security settings are accurate when demanding auditors or CIOs demand documentation. No excuses!

Movithere Reporter reports current security settings from multiple servers simultaneously, tracks NTFS security and share permission changes over time to identify security weaknesses or prove compliance that the server security environment is safe and secure.

Assist with Compliance. Proactively maintain and report on access controls to address many of the requirements of regulatory and best practices standards. Enhance Windows Security. Find weaknesses, over-exposed files, over-privileged users with complete security audits in minimal time.

Movithere Reporter features an enhanced user interface and a new collection engine to maximize performance when executing large server security reporting jobs, and provides IT administrators with the ability to save reports for future comparison. Movithere Reporter provides a granular level of control by reporting only what you need to know from selected folders and Shares from multiple servers in multiple domains...

With Movithere Report You Can:

Movithere Reporter is an agent-less, fast, comprehensive discovery and reporting solution for analyzing file security, group memberships and other security settings on Windows servers.

Centrally Audit Security Settings
Instantly view the security configurations of your Windows environment or create and distribute presentable Windows security reports automatically. Simplify Security Reporting by configuring only what should be collected and reported on.
Track Changes Over Time
Reduce information overload. Once you have a baseline report, track only changes to the environment. Track permission changes and track group membership changes on multiple servers at the same time. Proactively maintain and report on access changes to address many of the requirements of regulatory and best practices standards.
Report Only What You Need to Know
Standard security reporting solutions provide an overwhelming amount of data that no one looks at. Movithere Reporter provides IT administrators with a granular level of control by reporting only what they need to know from multiple servers in multiple domains.
A More Secure Enterprise
In preparations to move data into a cloud or hybrid environment, Window’s ACL-based security model is powerful, but maybe dated with old Windows NT style security making it difficult to manage. By adding Movithere Reporter to your solutions, we're helping you to get the most out of Window’s sophisticated security capabilities by creating a more secure enterprise. Movithere Reporter is well-received by industries - such as government, financial services, health care, and defense – that are highly sensitive to security concerns and need to keep their file servers secure and manageable in preparation to moving to a cloud or hybrid based model.”

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identify security weaknesses or non-compliance

Movithere Enterprise

Movithere Enterprise

Movithere Unlimited Enterprise License including free Support and Maintenance until Dec 2018. Ideal for large server migration projects or services partners without per-user, per-operator or per-server restrictions

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Movithere Report

Movithere Report

Movithere Report includes an Unlimited License with free Support and Maintenance until Dec 31 2018. Are your servers secure? Now you can prove it with simple presentable NTFS and share permissions security reports

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Movithere Pro Pack

Movithere Pro Pack

Movithere Pro-Pack Bundle includes an Unlimited License for all 4 Movithere Software. Movithere Enterprise, Movithere-Convert, Movithere-Report and Movithere-Password with Support until Dec 31 2018.

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Movithere Migrator

Movithere server migration software simplifies and shortens migration tasks to complex migrations.

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Cloud readiness server software to prepare for the virtual or for shared hybrid environments.

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Copy, migrate or synchronize passwords between user accounts on Windows servers or domains.

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Migrate non-connected severs. Movithere USB as download, USB key or USB hard drive device.

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