The Easiest Way to Copy or Sync Passwords

Movithere Password

1Copy, Migrate or Synchronize passwords between local accounts on Windows servers or domain accounts across multiple Active Directory domains in real time or at predefined scheduled times during normal work hours.

2Overcome the Challenges One of the greatest challenges for copying passwords has been to copy local Windows server or workstation account passwords between multiple Windows platforms whether different OS or bit versions.

3Maintain Coexistence. Migration projects don't just happen. During any transition period, throughout the length of a migration project, accounts passwords in different domains or servers are maintained in sync.

Movithere PasswordCopy

Domain to Domain

Reduce Cost, Complexity and Disruption

Movithere Password allows administrators to copy passwords, migrate passwords or synchronize passwords between like user accounts from Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 R2, Active Directory domains or servers in real time or at predefined scheduled times.

To reduce cost, V7 Software Group's unique site licensing model allows for unlimited, unrestricted software licensing without per user or per computer license. Our site license only requires one license for each customer or service partner to use within one site.

Our goal is not only to reduce costs but to reduce the complexity of migrating user account passwords whether server or domain based without end-user distruption.


Many businesses are considering moving to Microsoft Cloud, Azure or Hybrid platforms from their current on-premise Active Directory domains. Movithere - Password is designed to migrate or synchronize user account passwords between Windows Active Directory domains whether virtual or physical.

Movithere - Password makes it possible to migrate local server account passwords for organizations wishing to transition to new Windows server platforms in one operation. With support for selective account password copy from multiple Windows platforms allows for copying passwords for only the accounts required. Businesses will be able migrate local server account passwords incrementally into new Windows servers as they transition away from older Windows 32 bit or 64 bit servers.

Whether merging, consolidating, divesting, moving to virtual or moving to the cloud, with Movithere - Password, migrations involving account passwords projects can be accelerated to completion while minimizing costs, risks and disruptions...

Securely Copy Passwords

Movithere Password requires a Windows Administrative account to copy encrypted password hashes and is not able to decrypt user account passwords. The user password is never stored or revealed during the password copy process.

Granularly match like accounts between different server versions from Windows 2000 to Windows 2016 servers and copy account passwords for either 32 or 64 bit platforms in real time or at predetermined scheduled times.

Maintain changing passwords during domain migration projects by maintaining the same user passwords on different domains to ensure user access for those who change their passwords. Movithere - Password allows for coexistence across multiple domains and reduces the frequency of password problems.

You're Never Alone

Pre-Arranged Migration Project Standby Support
Never be alone with any migration project, whether it be a Windows server migration or Active Directory migration project. Arrange for our product and consulting experts to be available on a standby basis as needed, when needed, to maximize the success of your migration project.

Engage Our Consulting Services
Let us help you with our expert migration consulting services professionals from planning to deployment to on going consulting as needed and as required to ensure project success. Engage our consulting team hourly, daily or on a project basis as required.

Save Time and Money, Let Our Experts Do IT
Our migrations experts have performed both Windows server migration and Active Directory domain migration projects, from small business to global enterprise projects all around the world. "Don't reinvent the wheel" let us do it. Engage us to train your staff, work with your staff or perform the entire migration as needed when needed.

Server to Server

Where is it Used

Domain Migrations - 94%
Server Migrations - 88%
Synchronization - 50%
Multiple Domains - 79%
Server Backup - 67%
Security Projects - 90%

How to Get It

Movithere trial software is fully functional. The trial software is not limited by features nor date. You will be able to launch the TRIAL version up to 5 times.

Purchase an unrestricted site license or an unrestricted bundled package license online using credit card or Paypal.

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How we Do It

Movithere supports password copy from and to Windows Server 2000 to 2012R2 member servers or domain controllers, Windows XP to Windows 10 workstations either 32 or 64 bit.
NO. Movithere Password will not expose account passwords. Only Windows Administrators can perform the password copy process and the passwords are always in encrypted hash format.
Yes. Movithere Password will copy local user passwords between different servers or workstations as well as copy domain account passwords between domain controllers of different domains securely.
Movithere is now Licensed 2 different ways, a standalone version of Movithere Password for an Unlimited site license or bundled packaged with 4 Movithere Solutions.

Accounts to Accounts

Movithere Enterprise

Movithere Enterprise

Movithere Unlimited Enterprise License including free Support and Maintenance until Dec 2018. Ideal for large server migration projects or services partners without per-user, per-operator or per-server restrictions

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Movithere Password

Movithere Password

Movithere Password includes an Unlimited License with free Support and Maintenance until Dec 31 2018. A simple solution to securely migrate, copy or synchronize user account passwords between Windows servers or domains.

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Movithere Pro Pack

Movithere Pro Pack

Movithere Pro-Pack Bundle includes an Unlimited License for all 4 Movithere Software. Movithere Enterprise, Movithere-Convert, Movithere-Report and Movithere-Password with Support until Dec 31 2018.

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Migration - Transformation - Consolidation

Movithere Migrator

Movithere server migration software simplifies and shortens migration tasks to complex migrations.

Movithere Migrator

Movithere Convert

Cloud readiness server software to prepare for the virtual or for shared hybrid environments.

Movithere Convert

Non-connected Migration

Migrate non-connected severs. Movithere USB as download, USB key or USB hard drive device.

Movithere USB

Movithere Report

Report server security and security changes over time and across multiple Windows severs.

Movithere Report