Single Sign-on

The Easiest Way to deploy Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO)

1Microsoft ADFS 3.x Have our Subject Matter Experts deploy and configure your Active Directory Federated Service (ADFS) for a secure single sign-on to any cloud based applications.

2Secure all your Cloud Apps. Engage our single sign-on experts to enable more than 4,000 cloud based applications with Active Directory for both single sign-on and user provisioning.

3OneLogin Reseller The solution choice for organizations looking to streamline secure single sign-on access to enterprise information from any device from a simple and scalable system.

Office 365 Migrator

Increase Productivity with SSO

Reduce Cost, Complexity and Disruption

Reduce the cost, complexity and disruption to end-users when migrating to a new Microsoft Office 365 platform. Our Office 365 solutions provide a safe, efficient way of completing projects without impacting users .

To reduce cost, V7 Software Group's unique offering allows for complete project resources and software to complete the Office 365 migration project from start to finish with as much help as required when required. Stop purchasing throw-away software and over-paid consultants. Get both the software and the experts for the same price.

Our goal is not only to reduce costs but to reduce the complexity of Office 365 migration projects from creating the Tenancy, to migrating mailboxes and public folders without downtime or Power Shell scripts.

Single Sign-On Deployment and Configuration

Own the ADFS Success and Engage the Experts
Our Office 365 migration process simplifies and shortens migration projects, by providing the fastest mail copying performance available on the market with subject matter experts to get the job done. Why purchase software for One-Time-Use when it comes to migration projects? With the combination of both software and expert migration specialists, easily migrate from Exchange Server 2003 to 2013, Zimbra, IBM Notes (Lotus Notes), Zarafa or Google Apps – making it seamlessly possible to securely move your users, mailboxes and public folders to Office 365.

Microsoft ADFS 3.x Deployment Configuration
Our Office 365 Migration solution doesn't require you to upgrade your existing Exchange Server installation in order to be able to migrate to the Cloud. Direct migrations from older versions of Exchange, e.g. 2003 or 2007 are fully supported.

OneLogin Deployment and Configuration
Office 365 Migration users can use their mailboxes while their data is copied to Office 365 without affecting their email service availability during the migration. Users can enjoy complete access to their old mailboxes even while their mail items are being transferred to Office 365 thereby minimizing costs, risks and disruptions...

Office 365 Migration Features

Migration Scenarios
Mailbox migration to Office 365 from Exchange Server or SBS - Migrate from Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 to Office 365. Migration from SBS 2003, 2008 and 2011 is also supported.
Public folders migration - Migrate public folders from Exchange Server to Office 365 just exactly the same way as user’s mailboxes using the program’s convenient UI.
Migrate all item types from Exchange - Migrate all item types including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and journals.
Mail migration to Office 365 via IMAP - Replicate mail from servers supporting IMAP like IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) or Zimbra to Exchange Online

Reduced time and resources
Minimum amount of engaged resources - We Perform the migration - No 3rd party interference or software purchase that would otherwise involve manual action.
GUI instead of PowerShell - All migrations are easily performed using a convenient graphical user’s interface. No PowerShell commands are needed.
Connection wizards and migration checklists - An automatically created checklist to identify threats if there are any.
Automatic match of mailboxes - Migrating hundreds of mailboxes? Let us automatically match the mailboxes on the source and destination server’s end.
Migration priority - Mailboxes can be migrated first by assigning priority levels.
Time filter - Select items only from a specific period to be migrated. First copy the latest data to allow your users to work in the Cloud right away, then transfer the remaining part of mailboxes. Alternatively, start migrating old items first, so that later you only have new ones left to quickly switch to Office 365.

Security and service availability
Reporting features - Each migration process can be monitored using built-in reports. A detailed report can be generated for the entire migration process, for selected mailboxes or jobs. Additionally, send reports to your email address so that you are informed directly about the migration progress.
Full services availability - The process of copying data does not affect the emails service availability at all. Users can work normally while preparing the new workspace in the cloud.
Delta scan and migration - Before making the final switch, perform a delta scan and migrate the items that appeared in the old mailbox during the migration. None of users’ data will be lost.
Data security guaranteed - Because data is copied, not moved, nothing will be lost during the migration. Also, every data package stays always encrypted while traveling between servers.

More features and benefits
Job-based migration process - Using jobs (migration tasks) to migrate individual mailboxes in a more adjustable way. Create numerous jobs and modify their settings according to needs to better manage and organize the migration process.
Scheduling the migration batches - Let the software initiate the migration off hours. a built in migration scheduler will schedule the time when data should be transferred.
Stop and resume migration - Sometimes it is convenient to stop copying data and resume it, when time is right.
Folder type selection - Selectable items to migrate by marking the appropriate folder type - email, task, contact, note etc.
Dry-run migrations - While preparing for the move perform a dry-run migration of any number of mailboxes. Later copy the mailboxes to the same or other location. Our Office 365 Migration does not delete or modify source server data, so if you are not satisfied with the result of the test by just clearing the target mailbox/es and you're back to the pre-dry-run state.

Secure Access to Office 365

Single Sign-On Setup

ADFS Deployment

Microsoft ADFS 3.x Server and ADFS 3.x Proxy server deployment, configurations and verification including one SAML application setup for Office 365 or any other cloud based application with one secure sign-on.

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Cloud Application Configuration

SAML Configuration

One sign-on access to all web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. SAML or Idp configuration for Office 365, WebEx, Cisco Spark, SAI Global or any cloud application.

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OneLogin Access Management

OneLogin Reseller

OneLogin empowers enterprises today. When your identity and access management (IAM) for single sign-on to cloud application choices make the your work easier, the enterprise benefits. Everyone wins.


Plan - Deploy - Migrate

AD Migration

Simplifying Active Directory migration without disruption with both software and migration remote experts as needed when needed.


Exchange Migration

A complete migration solution from Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 environments to Exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016 mailbox and public folders.

Exchange Migration

Office 365 Migration

Complete migration from tenancy and Azure AD connection to mailbox and public folder migration without downtime or software costs.

Office 365

Quick Apps

ADUM Quick Apps, an inexpensive or free single purpose application solutions to facilitate Windows migrations and day to day management.

Quick Apps