The Easiest Way to Migrate Any Windows Server

Movithere Server Migrator

1No Server downtime is probably the most-heard concern when performing a Windows server migration to a new platform. Movithere doesn't require the server to be offline and inaccessible by users..

2No Late Nights and Weekends Get your weekends back. One of the greatest myths about server migrations is that they need to be performed during off-hours. Movithere migrates and synchronizes changes during work hours.

3No Compatibility Issues. I hate it when that happens. There is nothing worse than getting within spitting distance of the finish line and breaking your leg. Movithere is developed on Windows and for Windows Server only.

Movithere Migrator

Migration - Transformation - Consolidation

Reduce Cost, Complexity and Disruption

Reduce the cost, complexity and disruption to end-users when migrating to a new Microsoft platform, consolidating and restructuring an environment or upgrading servers. Our Movithere solutions provide a safe, efficient way of completing projects without impacting users .

To reduce cost, V7 Software Group's unique site licensing model allows for unlimited, unrestricted software licensing without per user or per computer license. Our site license only requires one license for each customer or service partner to use within one site.

Our goal is not only to reduce costs but to reduce the complexity of server migration projects.

Migrate Consolidate Restructure

Our Movithere server migration process simplifies and shortens server migration projects, by providing the fastest copying performance available on the market. In addition, Movithere Server Migrator provides IT administrators with the granular level of control they have come to expect from our products not only just copying files and folders, but also migrating NTFS permissions, file shares, file share permissions, local users and groups, and account passwords.

Organizations are increasingly consolidating files onto larger centralized storage systems, and the file permissions assigned to local users and groups need to be migrated correctly as part of this process. Unlike other migration solutions, Movithere can transfer the permissions of files and folders owned by many different users without costly or delay-prone manual intervention.

Whether consolidating, divesting, moving to virtual or moving to the cloud, with Movithere solutions, server migration projects can be accelerated to completion while minimizing costs, risks and disruptions...

Platform Coexistence

Migrate files, folders and shares to physical or virtual Windows servers while maintaining data security permissions throughout the migration. To ensure that the migration is transparent to end-users, the entire migration can be performed in real-time during production hours by maintaining the original file, folder and share permissions on the source server throughout the migration process.

One-to-One or One-to-Many Migration
Whether you’re looking to retire an old file server or propagate files, folders and shares to multiple file servers, Movithere gives you the flexibility to migrate files, folders and shares from one server to another or from one server to many.
Many-to-One Consolidation
Movithere also allows you to migrate files, folders and shares from multiple servers into a single server for those seeking to consolidate computers to conserve costs, energy, and total number of servers used, whether physical or virtual.
Migrate Shares, Local Groups & Users
Movithere’s process of copying files and folders includes automatically copying any folders that are shared with both NTFS and share permissions. Additionally, Movithere allows you to migrate local groups and users to ensure your shares migrate properly regardless of whether the share already exists on the destination server.
Maintain NTFS Permissions
Movithere ensure NTFS Permissions are copied or translated to your destination server(s) to preserve access to your newly migrated data throughout the entire process without downtime.

You're Never Alone

Pre-Arranged Migration Project Standby Support
Never be alone with any migration project, whether it be a Windows server migration or Active Directory migration project. Arrange for our product and consulting experts to be available on a standby basis as needed, when needed, to maximize the success of your migration project.

Engage Our Consulting Services
Let us help you with our expert migration consulting services professionals from planning to deployment to on going consulting as needed and as required to ensure project success. Engage our consulting team hourly, daily or on a project basis as required.

Save Time and Money, Let Our Experts Do IT
Our migrations experts have performed both Windows server migration and Active Directory domain migration projects, from small business to global enterprise projects all around the world. "Don't reinvent the wheel" let us do it. Engage us to train your staff, work with your staff or perform the entire migration as needed when needed.

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Server Files - Folders - Shares

Where is it Used

Failing Windows Servers - 94%
Platform Changes - 88%
Expiring Leases - 50%
Consolidation Projects - 79%
Server Virtulization - 67%
Cloud Preparation - 90%

How to Get It

Movithere trial software is fully functional. The trial software is not limited by features nor date. You will be able to launch the TRIAL version up to 5 times.

Purchase an unrestricted site license or an unrestricted bundled package license online using credit card or Paypal.

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How we Do It

Movithere supports migrations from and to Windows Server 2000 to 2012R2 member servers or domain controllers either 32 or 64 bit.
Yes. All versions of Movithere will maintain NTFS, share permissions across multiple servers as well as multiple drives on the same server.
Yes. All versions of Movithere will migrate local users, groups, passwords and account properties to the destination server and maintain local security settings.
Movithere is now Licensed 3 different ways, Movithere LITE for 5 servers for quick projects, an Unlimited server site license or bundled packaged with the 4 Movithere Solutions.

local users - passwords - groups

Movithere Lite

Movithere Lite

Movithere LITE licensed up to 5 servers includes free Support and Maintenance until Dec 31 2017. Ideal for small server migration projects and can be upgraded to the unlimited version of Movithere Enterprise

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Movithere Enterprise

Movithere Enterprise

Movithere Unlimited Enterprise License including free Support and Maintenance until Dec 2017. Ideal for large server migration projects or services partners without per-user, per-operator or per-server restrictions

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Movithere Pro Pack

Movithere Pro Pack

Movithere Pro-Pack Bundle includes an Unlimited License for all 4 Movithere Software. Movithere Enterprise, Movithere-Convert, Movithere-Report and Movithere-Password with Support until Dec 31 2018.

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Secure NTFS - Share - Permissions

Non-connected Migration

Migrate non-connected severs. Movithere USB as download, USB key or USB hard drive device.

Movithere USB

Movithere Convert

Cloud readiness server software to prepare for the virtual or for shared hybrid environments.

Movithere Convert

Movithere Password

Copy, migrate or synchronize passwords between user accounts on Windows servers or domains.

Movithere Password

Movithere Report

Report server security and security changes over time and across multiple Windows severs.

Movithere Report