Active Directory Migration Rebooted

ADUM - AD Ultimate Migrator

1ADUM - Active Directory Migrator our free migration software and professional migration experts, ensure the success of any Active Directory consolidation, migration or restructuring project without risk.

2OWN THE PROJECT SUCCESS. NOT THE SOFTWARE. A complete professional Active Directory migration offering available with risk free - no downtime software and a migration expert to plan, deploy and migrate.

3ADUM Rebooted. With today's high speed connectivity, our ADUM consultants can perform remote migration services as needed, where needed and when needed from complete projects to ongoing support.


Migration - Transformation - Consolidation

Where is it Used

Acquisitions - 94%
Mergers - 88%
Divestitures - 50%
Consolidation Projects - 79%
Platform Changes - 67%
Azure Preparation - 90%

How to Get It

ADUM Migration Services...
Reduce costs and IT staff expenses with remote migration services available with software for the entire Active Directory migration project.

Migration Planning Services...
When an onsite, on premise, migration expert is required anywhere worldwide, our experts are available at a flat rate including expenses to help you complete your project.

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How we Do It

"The Success of any migration project is not measured by the number of users or groups or workstations or servers migrated or the superb OU design structure of active directory, but by the result when the migrated user logs into the new domain, that his or her desktop and access to resources is exactly the same as it was before."
Remote experts are billed in 2, 4, 8 or 40 hour draw-down packages. Onsite consultants are billed weekly including travel and expenses.
Our experts can work with ADUM, our free software, Microsoft's free ADMT, Dell-Quest Migration Manager or Binarytree ADMigrator.

Own the Success. Not the Software

Reduce Cost, Complexity and Disruption

Reduce the cost, complexity and disruption to end-users when migrating to a new Microsoft Active Directory platform, consolidating or restructuring an existing environment, our remote or onsite migration professionals provide a safe, efficient way of completing complex migration projects without impacting end-users .

To reduce cost, AD-NOVO professional migration services is available remotely with preset hourly rates in 2, 4, 8, or 40 hour draw-down packages or onsite with a flat weekly rate that includes both travel and expenses.

Our goal is not only to reduce costs but to reduce the complexity of Active Directory migration projects by either offering remote or onsite migration experts to work with your team or perform the migration in it's entirety.

Migrate Consolidate Restructure

Our ADUM experts ensure a successful Active Directory migration, whether your organization is restructuring to meet specific security regulations, preparing to move to Office 365, preparing to coexist with Microsoft Azure or undergoing an acquisition or merger, our consultants will work with your team to reduce the complexity of any Active Directory migration.

Active Directory migration and consolidation projects aren't trivial. ADUM provides professional migration experts to help you to migrate and consolidate your Active Directory forests or domains, we are the experts... If you don't think your IT team can handle the project in-house, you can always reach out to our ADUM Consulting Services to engage our Active Directory migration experts.

Whether consolidating, divesting, moving to virtual or moving to the cloud, with ADUM professional services, Active Directory migration projects can be accelerated to completion while minimizing costs, risks and disruptions...

Small Business or Enterprise Migrations

Overworked IT departments will want to take advantage of ADUM professional services team to address business challenges like mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other consolidation needs. AD-NOVO teams make use of Microsoft ADMT, DELL- Quest Migration Manager, Binarytree ADMigrator or our own FREE ADUM software to perform our migration services to provide a safe and secure approach to migration that pre-provisions user identities, supports staged migrations, and enables proof-of-concept testing to ensure success.

ADUM experts provide a flexible and highly agile approach to Active Directory migration that eliminates the need to build a migration plan to deal with migration issues. AD-NOVO migration professionals can work with your teams to share the load of the migration effort, to significantly reduce the effort for busy resource-constrained IT departments or perform the migration in it's entirety.

ADUM experts also provides ongoing support throughout and after the migration to help resolve problems if and when they may occur.

You're Never Alone

Pre-Arranged Migration Project Standby Support
Never be alone with any migration project, whether it be a Windows server migration or Active Directory migration project. Arrange for our product and consulting experts to be available on a standby basis as needed, when needed, to maximize the success of your migration project.

Engage Our Consulting Services
Let us help you with our expert migration consulting services professionals from planning to deployment to on going consulting as needed and as required to ensure project success. Engage our consulting team hourly, daily or on a project basis as required.

Save Time and Money, Let Our Experts Do IT
Our migrations experts have performed both Windows server migration and Active Directory domain migration projects, from small business to global enterprise projects all around the world. "Don't reinvent the wheel" let us do it. Engage us to train your staff, work with your staff or perform the entire migration as needed when needed.


Active Directory Migration Options

AD SBS Migration


SBS Active Directory

Our Small Business Server to Active Directory Migration not only includes the software required to seamlessly migrate between SBS server and Active Directory, but includes our migration experts to perform the entire migration project.



Active Directory Migration


AD to AD Migration

Our AD to AD Migration not only includes the software required to seamlessly migrate OUs, users, groups, contacts workstations and servers, but includes our migration experts to perform the entire migration project.



Active Directory Pilot

ADUM Assessment

Pilot Planning

Our pre-migration assessment and pilot planning allows for an assessment of both the source and target domains with a clear defined end-state and a workable migration plan ready to be validated with a pilot project trial run.