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server migration

Server Migration

Enabling IT professionals with software solutions that simplifies Physical, Virtual or Cloud based Windows Server to server migrations.

Movithere Software
AD migration

AD Migration

Reducing risk and downtime with simplified Active Directory migration software and professional services as needed when needed.


Task Automation

The best of software development and services to provide solutions that dramatically reduce repetitive tasks for IT professionals.

mRED Development

Non-connected Migration

The simplest way to migrate from non-connected severs and Active Directory. Movithere download, USB key, USB hard drive or Cloud.

Movithere USB

Office 365


Office 365 Migration

Complete migration from tenancy, Azure AD connection setup to mailbox and public folder migration without downtime or software costs.

Office 365
Exchange migration

Exchange Migration

A complete migration solution from Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 environments to Exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016 mailbox and public folders.

Exchange Migration

Single Signon

Single Signon deployment with Microsoft ADFS for Office 365, WebEx, Spark, WorkDay, Google, SalesForce, DropBox Secure access for every user.

Single Signon
ADUM Quick Apps

Quick Apps

ADUM Quick Apps, an inexpensive or free single purpose application solutions to facilitate Windows migrations and day to day management.

Coming Soon

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What we Do

Our task automation software focuses on information availability without risk as the single most mission-critical resource for any IT project that is easy to use, affordable and innovative.
Own the project success. Not the Software. When you need a better way to migrate servers, Active Directory, Exchange or Office 365 ensure the availability of critical systems, we have, simple and affordable solutions that are priced right without per user or per software licensing.
When out-of-the-box software just does not do the job. Our custom development division, mRED, designs, develops and distributes single Windows task automation solutions to ongoing IT challenges.
V7 Software introduces: the non-restrictive and unlimited software solution. No per-user, no per-server and no per-operator licensing required. All V7 software requires only one software license without restrictions within one company. Our software is licensed to the company not the individual using the software.
V7 Software Group is always looking for innovative developers and software start-ups to partner and collaborate with.
Our V7 software solutions are discounted for Solution Providers and Resellers to allow solutions providers to create service offering around our software and our resellers to distibute V7 software at competitive prices.
With engaging optimized live support interactions our agents create happier customers in record time.